Flaming June

This weekend has been a scorcher with temperatures in the 30’s.  That’s made getting anything done in the garden a challenge, so I’ve contented myself with some weeding and deadheading in among the flower beds in between the early morning and late evening bouts of watering.

The roses and peonies are looking stunning (main picture and these) and the garden is full of the scents of summer.

The bees are busy collecting pollen and the poppies are laying their heavy heads on the warm soil.

As well as bringing out the best in the flower borders the sun has spurred on the strawberries and we’ve been eating them all week.  They are best fresh from the garden with cream, ice cream or yoghurt.  Happily we now have enough to make strawberry jam, so I’ll start a batch tonight and we’ll be eating it on scones later in the week.  I’ll put the recipe in the recipe section.

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