Peas and Strawberries

This is a very exciting weekend – the harvest of peas and strawberries has begun!

When I moved into my house 3 years ago and inherited a small veg garden with 5 raised beds I decided that I would try my hand at growing a few things for the kitchen – I love cooking and fresh produce really makes a difference.  In terms of what to grow, I inherited a number of things; gooseberries, blackcurrants, apples, damsons, rhubarb and strawberries, and determined that I would add to this only with those things that are simply better when the journey from the garden to the table is as short as possible.  So I’ve settled into a pattern of what works for me and at this point, despite the wind and the rain we have had over the last 2 weeks in June, it is a delight to be able to harvest the first peas and strawberries (see main picture).  I’d put a recipe in, but to be honest most of the peas disappeared as “gardener’s perks” and those that were left went into a mix of green vegetables we had with Salmon for dinner.  We used the last of the asparagus and some green beans (we’ll soon have our own as the beans in the pots are in flower) and popped the peas in for the last minute to warm through.  The strawberries were delicious served with greek yogurt.

The warm weather and rain have been good for the garden, everything is growing including the weeds!  So a weekend of weeding, tying in peas & tomatoes, encouraging beans up their supports, sowing more salad and putting the straw unger the courgette plants to keep the slugs at bay.

The thyme and the tomatoes are flowering, in the herb bed the bay tree, oregano & chives are all looking very healthy and in the garden the peonies & roses look stunning (I’ll put some photos up during the week).

The sight of that thyme has reminded me – I love lemon thyme drizzle cake – “time” to find that recipe…which by the way is great served alongside fresh strawberries.

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