A Wet Monday!

Today we have typical British Bank holiday weather – rain!

Still we did need it and at least is was predicted so I got most of the gardening jobs done yesterday when the weather was glorious.  I also took the photo for this Blog’s “Header” and, as you can see, the rockery area and waterfall are looking lovely.  The fish are fully awake now and thankfully there’s no sign of the Heron.

The tomatoes are now in and staked (main picture) – in the raised bed this year as last year’s trial of a mix of grow bags and pots did not go well – too much attention to watering needed to prevent the fruit from splitting.  I’ve still got some bush tomatoes to attend to, but these will need to wait for next weekend.  I like the idea of them in hanging baskets and I have a lot of these left from years gone by…plenty of time to decide, they’ll be OK in their pots for now.

The peas and beans I planted out 2 weekends ago are doing well.  I’m growing the beans in pots up wigwams – they are not as fussy as tomatoes about watering and I’ve found them easier to pick this way.  I built an A-Frame for the peas, which took an age, tying canes and netting together with garden twine – I’ve since seen a great idea on U Tube using chicken wire and cable ties which I will be following next year – time is precious when you’re a “weekend gardener”

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